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Natural Tolerances for Alcohol

What factors would cause a person to have a naturally high tolerance for alcohol? Is it plausible for a person who has never drunk more than a glass of wine in a single sitting to be able to keep up with people who normally drink a lot of alcohol?

I have a character in my head who is insisting that she could keep pace with some friends of hers who drink heavily most nights.

So I wrote this scene in which she attempts this. She actually managed to drink more than anyone expected her to be able to. Of course, she got completely plastered (for the first time in her life), but she did not get sick, nor did she pass out, and—despite the large betting pool with odds to the contrary—she was not late for class the next morning. Yes, she showed up to class in her nightgown with her teddy bear tucked under her arm, but that's neither here nor there.

Would a natural tolerance for alcohol account for this, and if so, what factors would cause such a natural tolerance?

Also, why don't ducks wear pants, even in Disney animation? Poor Donald.
Tags: ~booze, ~medicine: human physiology

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