Rumo von Zamonien (rumozamonien) wrote in little_details,
Rumo von Zamonien

Questions on the late 19th Century...

My story is set in the late 19th Century, and I have researched. I got basic facts, but some details I couldn't find. Here are some questions:

1) Where should I set it? I've thought of the US, England or somewhere in Europe. Either America or Europe. Please give me suggestions.

2) I need to know the currency of whatever country I'm going to write it in.

3) What were the hairstyles of boys and girls in the late 1800s?

4) What kind of clothes did they wear in the late 1800s? (I have basic knowledge, but something more specific, please)

5) Schools: how long did boys/girls go to school, how were the years divided, what kind of classrooms did they use

6) My story's protagonist(s) are no high-classers, but no slaves, either. More like farm people. With lots of animals. No fields. Tell me more about those.

I do hope you can help me. I speak German, English and Japanese fluently, so come to me if you want translations on those. ^o~ Thanks!
Tags: ~victorian era

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