Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball (rokeon) wrote in little_details,
Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball

Population Size and Growth?

How large does an isolated human population need to be in order to have a viable gene pool? I just need a general idea- 50? 500? 5000?

The much-simplified backstory: aliens abducted a bunch of people and dropped them on an uninhabited planet. They're moderately benevolent aliens, so assume everyone taken was a healthy adult and that they were screened for major genetic disorders. They were only left with the most basic supplies, though, so the culture that developed is a sort of late Stone Age thing that's stagnated at herding and subsistence agriculture.

Fast forward a couple thousand years: other humans have finally found them. What's the minimum number of original abductees/colonists necessary to avoid having my intrepid explorers land on Planet Deliverance? And what sort of growth might have occurred in the intervening time- would their population likely have been relatively stable, gradually expanding, or exploding exponentially?
Tags: ~human population, ~science: biology: genetics

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