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Eyesight And Aiming

Google, you forsake me.

I have a character who has lost an eye due to some crazy stuff that doesn't affect anything. What I need to know is how losing that eye will affect his fighting skills in some points:

1. Aiming when throwing things. One of his talents is throwing sharp, pointy objects at people from all sorts of distances. I know that losing an eye will throw him off kilter a bit, but how can he compensate? And how badly can having only one eye affect this skill?

2. Using his weapon. His weapon being claws - not natural ones, but metal claws. Would his eye-loss affect his ability to slash people to bits with these things? How and-or why?

3. Day-to-day activities. From limited knowledge, I know that driving and certain things pertaining to locations can be harder if you have only one eye to work with, but this whole story takes place in a more middle-age setting. Is there anything that could be affected by eye-loss? (This one I could probably google, but I don't know the right... wording to get anything other than adverts for glasses.)

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries, ~weapons (misc)

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