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These are a bunch of retarded questions about writing in general. And it's going to make me sound like a real novice/beginner/crappy author/no-clue-what-shes-doing/whatever. (can you tell my mood isn't that great right now? ... totally unrelated. nevermind.)

1. when writing in Microsoft word (Times New Roman, 12pt. single space), is the number of pages written there translate to be the same number of pages it would be if it were printed in floppy-back? Should I even worry about it/concern myself with it?
2. does it matter if some chapters are much longer than others?
3. how can I tell if the organization/sequence of events is being handled well (read: written well)?

My basic concern is that I've written a lot of pages here (over 80 in MSWord), I'm on the sixth chapter. And I haven't even gotten the real meat of the plot underway, yet it seems like I've been going on for so long, so I fear I just end up drawing things out too long and having fifty million (read: over a hundred) chapters by the time I finish it (if I ever do). But when I read through my material, it doesn't seem that way-- the pace is reasonable when I'm reading it, but not when I'm looking at it as a whole.

Does that make the slightest bit of sense? I need some reassurance. Is there anyone out there who's actually had a book published before or knows someone who has and can give me a pat on the back or something? :/

[EDIT] Thanks everyone, for your very welcomed, very prompt advice and suggestions. I won't be silly and respond to everyone with the same "Thank you very much!" response, so this is that response. I checked out a bunch of online sources for Standard Manuscript Format as was suggested (I feel like I'm back in highschool english class *dreaddread*), and as several others advised, I'll try to be less critical of the little things the first time through and just finish the story (that's the fun part anyway, right?)
I'm not a part of a writing group, but I have some people I think I can look to for opinions, so I will do that as well.
Thank you for all your generosities and suggestions! [/EDIT]
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