a sudden absence of bees (sabotabby) wrote in little_details,
a sudden absence of bees

life without oil

My novel involves a city struggling to survive several generations after a series of global catastrophes and wars. They're cut off from other urban areas to the point where they think they might be the only people left alive on the face of the planet. There are several villages and small towns relatively close by, so they're able to grow crops, intermittent electricity from a dam that's falling apart, pre-war factories and salvaged equipment. The city is somewhere in southern Ontario, so I can't see them having any sort of access to oil or natural gas besides whatever's stored (and would be in short supply after the fighting and the passage of time.)

Two questions:

1) Is it possible for one or two horses to drag a car effortlessly enough for that to be a regular form of transportation for rich people? I'm pretty sure I saw photos of that sort of thing from the Depression. Would the insides of the car have to be gutted to make it lighter?

2) What kind of homemade bombs can you make without gasoline? (Alcohol is available. And horse manure, presumably.)
Tags: ~animals: horses, ~cars, ~explosive & explosions
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