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yet another question.

I have two characters that live on a planet that is currently involved in a political debate that has sparked a civil war. Basically, they are on a side which has no access to high-tech mechanical devices such as bombs, tanks, ect, but are ingenious bio-genetic engineerists, and so have created their "Flying Corps" who are the main attack force, but pilot specifically designed creatures instead of planes.

basically, I was musing about the powers of these creatures - while it being purely fantasy based that they can conjure "icy fire" from their bodies, I was wondering if there is any potently acidic chemical that will mix with liquid nitrogen while still remaining acidic? I hope that made sense.

Also wondering if there is any species of mammal that is able to carry poison inside it's own body without poisoning itself? would they carry it in sacs?

Thanks again.
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~science: chemistry
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