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Transvestite question

If a young guy is dressing as a female, and trying to do so in a very convincing manner (in up-close real life, not for the stage) is there anything simple he can do about his waist and hips probably not looking "feminine"? Are they any obvious "pitfalls" he should look out for? (This is not someone doing it as a lifestyle at this point.) Could a young teen slim guy with a high voice probably pull this off? (It's Ash Ketchum at a slightly older-than-canon age, if that helps. Heh, yeah... weird fandom. I'm trying to do a little better than canon did on this...) I know fictional guys always seem to manage, but I'm curious.

(This is not for a long work or a very serious one, so mostly I'm trying to avoid glaring errors. But then again, get detailed if you like, someone else may look this up someday...) Thanks in advance for any help!
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