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Partial memory loss?

I've got quite a list of questions I'm hoping someone actually knows the answer to, and I apologize if I ask about subjects that have already been covered.

1. What parts of the brain control memory?

2. Is it possible for someone to completely lose their memories of their past and who they were but still retain "textbook knowledge" (i.e. facts a person would normally learn in school or in a book)?

2a. If so, what sort of trauma would cause that? (Would a blow to the head suffice?)

2b. Is there a specific name for that sort of memory loss?

2c. Tying this question in with the first: Do different parts of the brain control different types of memory (i.e. a person's identity and a person's knowledge)?

3. Aside from emotional traumas and "blows to the head," what else can cause amnesia? (Please don't say brainwashing.)

For the record, yes, I know the concept is very cliche.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clear things up for me.
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