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Another question on British usage...

This is hard to explain... but: I've been given to know that "corn" as a word, refers to the commonly used native grain of an area, so that in England it refers to wheat, in Scotland to oats, and in North America to what other countries call "maize." I'm not telling you how old I was when I finally knew this...

However, in practical modern usage, would a person from Scotland cooking with oats refer to them as "corn"? Would an English person in fact be confused and think they meant wheat? Would they still say "corn" at all if they knew a person from England was listening and might be confused? Or is this something everyone's used to?

Background if it helps: Person from Scotland is probably making no effort at clarity, and is not a person with great communications skills. Also uses a large amount of Scottish dialect, if that makes a difference.

Please excuse me if any of this is phrased badly.

EDIT: I'm clear now that it wouldn't be a term used when cooking and they'd just be called oats. Sorry about that, it's hard to tell from cooking sites. But if anyone has something further to add, go right ahead...
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