Cue jazz hands. (nosesonapole) wrote in little_details,
Cue jazz hands.

I have this... universe, if you will, that is meant to be the human race. Although there are people who hit a recessive gene or something and have features of and/or skin tone of certain races; most people have similar skin tones (think slightly burnt gingerbread cookie covered in off-white icing) and/or features.
So, I need racial slurs that are meant towards, as a race, Caucasian and African people.

This has to do with the society's three groups: the damned, the goodfolk, and the godspeople. Godspeople bleach their hands a certain way because white is a holy color ordained by the chief gods, and because thru death they can become "gods". They wear white makeup for these reasons.
The damned dye their hands black with a certain kind of mud, because they are dammed to go to hell because there must be vengeance for the sins of humanity.
The goodfolk do not die anything or bleach anything, but you will see bleached/dyed goodfolk.

EDIT: Now with two hands and concentration!: ^^ Let's try this again, shall we? These people are us, years and years and years down the road. Certain things are the same, like the racial slurs and social security. Other things have changed, like morals (we welcome prostitution, but Shakespeare is considered obscene.) or the birth morality rate (Because we focused so much on extending youth and living longer, we live for two hundred years, but your baby is more likely to be born stillborn.) Other things have been changed but still have the same terminology, like Public education for every child is paid 2% by the government, 50% by the parent, and 48% by various private companies. That's why I need modern slurs.
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