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Captain S

My fantasy fiction novel involves an assassin (as I've said in earlier posts). I figure I should get an idea of how real-world assassins work, or used to work (in the "old days", if there were any), so I can pull from these ideas and make adjustments to how my own character works in the society I've created.

How is an assassin usually notified that someone is interested in giving him a "job" (read: target)? This is assuming that both parties will be very conscious of the law enforcers (but in the case of my story, my character would be more paranoid of law enforcers than his clients). Having asked that, then how feasible is it for a famous assassin to work if his real name and face is not known to the public, or even his clients (he goes by an alias, covers most of his face for his own security, and only agrees to meet a client on his own terms that he sets, usually never in his client's home).

Basically, if anyone has any info (if it's an educated guess, that's fine too as long as it makes sense) on the setting up/business part of assassinations, I'd be pleased to hear some of your thoughts.

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