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For starters, let me just say that I think this community is amazing. I've learned so many things that I sorely needed to know (and a bunch of stuff that I didn't, but was happy to learn anyway), and I only wonder why no one thought of this before. More importantly... why didn't I think of this? >.<

Anyway, my first question is this:

Could someone who has just gone into cardiac arrest still be unconscious if they have been successfully revived, or would the shock of suddenly being able to breathe again wake them up?

My second question:

What are some of the ways that a person could be treated for mercury poisoning? I've heard of this procedure where you have to have an IV drip for about three to four hours every day, but are there any other ways to extract mercury from someone's system? And if someone has taken in enough mercury that their minds have been affected, is there any way to reverse that effect, or is it permanent brain damage? (Okay, so that was three questions... ^_^; )

Thanks in advance!
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