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oh the things I do in the name of fanfiction

Long time reader, first time poster, wow, feel like I'm on talk radio! *laughs*

Anyway, while I know I can probably fudge a bit (hooray for non-existant countries!), I'd like to keep some semblance in reality. So! Christmas in 1935 in a Germanic high aristocracy household. What all would go on the Christmas tree - lights, I know (probably bubble lights, even, because these boys have waaaay too much money, but then again it's a 15-foot tree, so....), glass ornaments . . . things to sparkle? But what kinds of shapes? Flowers and birds? Angels and stars? Little drummer boys? All of the above? Would there be a nativity set up somewhere? Other things I'm forgetting? Like the name of the candle-powered wooden "toy" - the heat from the candle spins the blades of a pinwheel at the top that sets other things in motion.

How about music? Radio, phonograph, carols, Handel's Messiah? Mistletoe? Hmm, that could be trouble.... ~_^ Thanks in advance. ^__^
Tags: germany: history, ~holidays
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