Luna Tiger (blackstronghold) wrote in little_details,
Luna Tiger

Weapons galore.

I was never good at asking for help, but there's only so much one can do, so.

I'm looking for two weapons, if one existed and what the other is called.

Is there any famous/outstanding axe that..I dunno, slew a whole bunch load of people, in myth or history? I'm assuming one could (if it exists in the first place) be found in the Nordic mythology, but since all I know of that is what you learn on Gargoyles (yes, please roll your eyes) and several other miscellaneous myths, I'm severely out of touch with both myth and culture.

Or some special brand of axe (double-bladed, preferably)?

There's a sword-- or a polearm-- or neither, really. Argh.

I've seen this weapon used in cartoons, mostly. And I've searched left and right for what it's called.

It's that...double bladed scabbard thing. If the grip is held vertical, you've have some large, large blades both above and below your hand, one pointing to the sky, the other to the ground. And the inside curve is sometimes cut jagged.

It even has a smaller cousin, very handheld, with slim, blades slightly curved opposite each other. Like two blender blades. Hald-- something. I lost the name, and the page I found it on. It didn't sound Asian; it made me think Scotland, but I don't think that's where it came from either.

Can anyone help?
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