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British Christmas Questions:

Since this isn't a Harry Potter fic I felt a little guilty using that LJ, so I hope no one minds if I ask here:

Are large Christmas trees common in England as they are here in the U.S.?

Are poinsettias used there?

Would upper-class or titled people decorate as anyone else would (or is there a "tackiness" aspect to be considered?)

When do people start decorating for Christmas?

Do they start wishing each other a Happy Christmas around that time or only very close to the holiday? Is there something other greeting used when Christmas is approaching?

Am I correct in thinking that Happy Christmas rather than Merry Christmas is said?

One non-holiday question: Is the word "joke" an Americanism? If it is, but is used anyway, would it be used by older people also?

These are very minor background details in the story, and some seem like rather dumb questions I'm afraid. But what I know of English Christmas is so vague and picked up from media and even fanfic that I'm worried I'm getting it wrong. Christmas day itself is not in the story.

Thanks very much in advance for any help, and for reading all my questions!
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