Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist (kittikattie) wrote in little_details,
Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist

Spinal injuries-

The question about falls inspired me to ask about one of my own.

A seven year old girl climbs on the roof of a house (a one story, I'm thinking, but I can take it up to two) from a tree. At some point, she slips and falls off, hitting the ground and/or the tree (I have yet to decide if she hits the tree on the way down). This fall ultimately results in permanent paralysis from about the hips down.

Firstly, what bones would she have to break and/or what spinal damage would cause such paralysis? Secondly, other than basic bruises and maybe a(nother) broken limb, what other damages might she incur? I'm not going for major head injuries here other than a concussion. The major thing about this fall is that she ends up never being able to walk again afterwards. I've forgotten most of my medical classes from high school, so I can't remember precisions here.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)
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