nhà triết học (kodoku_to_ai) wrote in little_details,
nhà triết học

Vietnamese (Buddhist) view on homosexuality

My character is the son of a woman who immigrated to the US (California, specifically) when she was young. He is currently 17, and his mother discovers that he is gay. She is fairly easygoing, but is pretty devoutly Buddhist. Basically I'm looking for the following:

1. How religion could affect the mother's reaction to her son's outing.
2. How religion could affect his self-acceptance.
3. How religion could affect how his friends react.

Again, this is specifically Vietnamese Buddhism, but I'm willing to take into consideration other similar disciplines etc.

Also, descriptions and/or locations of any Buddhist Temples in or around the San Diego area would be nice.

Tags: vietnam (misc), ~religion: buddhism

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