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First Post

I'm currently writing a scene where my main character (first POV) drives a car off a cliff at about 100 MPH (I don't know what that is in KPH--actually, how do you do the ratio for that?). The height of the cliff and the type of car is purely debatable (the car has to be fast enough to go 100 mph though), but cliff itself is steep and on the edge of an ocean, so when it falls, it goes straight down in the air. How high would the cliff have to be, and what kind of car would I need, in order for the character to remain alive, but injured? What would be the most painful way for the car to land, without it blowing up and him still remaining alive? This is all assuming he's wearing seatbelt, as well. I want him to hurt and he doesn't have to come out conscious, so we can play a little if need be. The cliff is also open--I doesn't have to be a 90 degree angle cliff... it can roll if that brings a better effect. I basically just want a shell shocker--the worst you can possibly make it without him actually dying on me. Help?
Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries to order
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