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More random questions pertaining to fics:

1: The current plot calls for a young woman about twenty or thereabouts to bodily smash through a plate glass window on the 65th 20th screw it; it's the tenth floor of a tall office building and fall to the ground. (We'll assume the security was partaking illegal drugs instead of working that day) What I need to know is what the extent of her injuries would be, assuming she was able to get herself to roll instead of simply falling smack into the ground. I do need her to survive, although as it stands, she's already got a large piece of glass embedded in one leg and a good chunk of her back, sides and palms are scraped raw from the friction and the roll. What other damage would you expect?

1A: In the same vein, while she's under the adrenaline rush, she yanks the glass shard out from her leg, uses a piece of her shirt to roughly tie up the wound, and starts to make an attempt to run for it. Both a potent desire not to be recaptured and the adrenaline are powering her, but what happens once the rush wears off and the pain and/or shock begins to set in?

1B: There is also a large crowd, as well as one or two of her pursuers watching this whole thing. So far they're simply stunned that she survived, let alone up and on her feet and slightly unhinged by her success. As she takes off, roughly how long would it take the audience to recover from the shock of witnessing the event? I'd imagine that special forces would recover a touch more quickly, but what about ordinary civilians?

2: Another character owns a coat I've determined is made out of woven metal microfibers, and perhaps something else added to improve its defensive capabilities. What metals and other materials would you suggest as far as strength, weight, and durability? The setting is slightly futuristic, so I have some room to play around with this one if need be, or simply not specify at all if I don't have to.

Thanks for any and all help! =D


Mmkay, thanks for all y'all's help. I've decided to have the little twit get into the airducts and fall out of one of those from about fifteen, maybe twenty feet up. Mmm, tetanus shots. >D
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