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Men with crushes...

Okay, scenario: A dignified gentleman has just realized that he's more than a little bit attracted to a woman he feels he has no business being attracted to. Because of his aversion to this feeling, he tries to avoid thinking about her a great deal, but as a writer, I want to make sure that his behavior is clear, and it won't be too much of a system-shocker when he finally does give in (she's perfectly frank about being in love with him). The last thing in the world he wants to do is anything that could be construed as cruel. The second last thing in the world he wants to do is anything that can be construed as undignified. She's much younger than he is, and he has absolute horror of people thinking that he's having a midlife crisis. And he knew her as a child, so he's got that load of guilt. And he's always loved her in a vague and unformed way--as a child, as a friend, as a colleague, etc--which he doesn't deny; it's just this new notion that she's a woman and he's also attracted to her that's really throwing him. It's been true for quite awhile, but he's now reached a point where he can no longer make himself pretend it's not.

Problem? I know what young boys do to express crushes that they won't admit, but what's a skittish man likely to do? What does a man experience when he's attracted to someone and trying not to be (in a PG story)? (I am in his POV, so these things don't have to be noticeable to other people.) On general characterization, I know how he's likely to feel and what particular anxieties he has. But at the moment, the only specific action I can come up with to fill about six weeks worth of fighting it is that he discovers himself compulsively drawing the countours of her face. Guys... any ideas?
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