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Questions about military schooling for an officer, question about serial killers

Two questions -

One: I've got a young man from a fairly rich family (called the Montechristeu's) who basically make their careers in the military. He's going to spend some time in a fairly elite military academy. Since he's a Montechristeu, the lad does have to 'prove' himself a bit to people, but for the most part his family history is going to give him an easier time. Most of his classes should be pointing him toward a desk job.

So - does anyone have any ideas what typical classes might teach for a commanding officer? I don't need an exhaustive list, and I'm not worried about accuracy since the story is set in a fairly futuristic world. I'm claiming that he's probably learning military history and tactics since that sounds plausible to me. I just need a few things to mention in a letter to another character.

Two: So, I've got a serial killer in this story. I've got no medical knowledge, no knowledge of police procedural information, and I'm rather iffy on trying to look at online information. I'm not interested in making the mystery of who the killer is be the center of the story and filling in lots of forensic data. I'm more interested in how the characters react to the crimes.

Among the lower town residents, the most common weapon in fights is knives among the poorest of the poor. This means that facial scars aren't that uncommon. Guns are mostly used by the gang members and people rich enough to have a place to live. The killer is quite obsessed with killing a man who he thinks is the so-called "Suicide King" or the King of Hearts. The King of Hearts is a charismatic activist / terrorist who has a scar quite near his right eye.

The killer's usual murder method is to wander around the lowertown bars until he finds someone who he thinks is the Suicide King. He waits for this man to travel to a semi private area, and shoots them with an ordinary military pistol. The victim is almost always facing the river / canal. He leaves a King of Hearts card on the body, and leaves the scene.

Victim one was shot in a greenspace (a sort of courtyard that's supposed to have plants growing in the water to purify the water) facing the water. A local resident stole the card from the body, and didn't deliver it to the police until later. The body was facing the water.

I'm planning on having three or four other victims.

The police department in this story does have fairly decent technology to, for example, realize that a bullet came from the same gun. They're badly underpowered and underfunded though. So, the investigation will be slowed by internal problems. There's also the problem that the government in this city would like to have the King of Hearts to be dead. Unfortunately, the killer isn't killing people who are the King of Hearts, and the killer does not seem to know one other identifying feature of the King of Hearts.

There is no equivalent of the FBI (for, for example, criminal profiling), but there is an Intelligence wing of the military. Intelligence is mostly trying to control how information on the case gets out. They would prefer people to not be commenting on the murders as if they're a botched job by the government to kill the King of Hearts. The police department and Intelligence do not have a good working relationship.

I'd love to know any ideas, comments, concerns about this. Is there any police procedures for researching a serial killer case that I should know?


Montague Orchard - young man who was in the army. He was noted for having an unusual skill with aiming his gun. He's the Ace of Clubs. The Ace of Clubs is not known to be Montague, but it is known that whoever the Ace is, he's a good shot. He's known for showing up at protests and never talking. The Ace of Clubs is also a suspect in an assassination case.

Delano Leroy - the true Suicide King / King of Hearts. He's a former messenger for some local gangs who has a scar on his face from a knife fight. He is semi-retired from the Cards because his work was leaving him quite unstable. He's either very good at reading people, or a minor telepath/empath. It's possible that he's killing other King of Hearts to solidify his position or that he's gone insane. All that's known about him was that has been slightly unstable in the last few appearances he's made. He hasn't been visible for about a year before the killings start.

Damien Montechristeu - his nerves were badly damaged when he was arrested and he now lives as a semi hermit. He can be quite violent if he thinks that he could be arrested again. He has a facial scar from a riding accident (fell on some rocks) similar to Delano's. He's friends with Montague Orchard, and (most interesting to the police) he's being protected by Yvette Moreau who has terrorist ties.

Hector Gantelet - He's the actual killer. He's trying to kill Damien (not Delano) due to an obsessive hatred of Damien and as an attempt to protect Yvette from terrorists. Both Damien and Hector are from quite rich families, so it's more difficult to question them.

Other suspects - random resident, copy cat killer, it's actually a government plot, internal terrorist group conflict, gang fights, gangs fighting with the Cards

Any comments, concerns, ideas? I'm perfectly willing to fill in details if anyone would like me to.
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