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Okay. Due to a series of circumstances, my character had the memories of a (Dark Ages) swordsman dumped in his memories. Thus, intellectually, he knows how to use a sword. He's quite agile and athletic in his own right, but has never used a sword before, given that this is set in modern times. However, he does want to learn, just so that he can actually use whatever memories he got left with. It's a long and complicated story.

Could someone please confirm a couple of things for me?
1. How much would he suck?
2. Given that he's not particularly strong, but is instead quick and agile, would his wrists be utterly trashed at the end of a session? His endurance levels are high, but they're not amazingly so, so I dare say that he'd be useless at the end of a session. Would this be the case?
3. Could he even pick up a sword from that era?

The actual access to swords from the era's not particularly difficult, nor is deterioration a problem.
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