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Dwarfism and aging disorders!

... About a day in, and I can already tell I'm going to spend a lot of time in this place.

E-hem. Question time.

Ok, I'm planning a ficlet right now about a child vampire, who is a CEO of a high-powered company (an oil company that funds genetic research, if anyone wanted to know). Anyway, in order to not be found out as something other then human, she has false papers that say she suffers from a strain of dwarfism. Now, I know that dwarfism has many different forms, each with their own little medical problems and such, so what I was wondering is:

What form of dwarfism comes the closest to being able to produce a full-grown person that looks like a child? In other words, which kind is it that has the least dis figuration of limbs and body mass, keeps the body in close to normal proportion, and least chance of mental retardation? What is the scientific name, as well, and what are the symptoms/medical problems with it? Would it be able to explain her pale skin, as well, or would I be best with saying she has anemia or such?

Barring the above (which is a long shot, I know): Are there any aging disorders that slow the aging process?

Sorry if I haven't much sense, if you need clarification, just ask.

Thanks in advance!
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