Maia (semirose) wrote in little_details,

Procedure for contacting next of kin in England

I'm writing a Harry Potter fic where Harry and Dudley reconcile their differences at one point in the story, and at another point in the story Petunia and Vernon are killed in front of Dudley and Dudley basically reverts back to a 6 year olds mind set.

Now Harry would be listed as his contact information, but what type of procedure would the hospital follow to a) inform him of what happened to his relatives and b) arrange for the moving of Dudley to a place for him. Like, would they tell him over the phone or ask him to come down, or something like that. (by the way, they are both in their 20's at this point, not teenagers)

Also, while I'm asking this, does anyone know how Englands mental hopsitals work. Like visitng procedures and contacting relatives and stuff. I can probably google this, but I thought I'd ask whle I'm asking the other questions.

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