Killiana (killiana) wrote in little_details,

MIA vs. KIA vs. AWOL

Like the title says, this question is about MIA/KIA (missing in action/killed in action) and AWOL (absent without leave). These are the circumstances I've always thought that would get each status declared for a person.

KIA: A soldier is killed in combat and their body is confirmed.
MIA: A soldier goes missing after combat and no body is confirmed.
AWOL: A soldier know to be alive goes missing when a combat situation has not occurred.

So I need to know if those are right. I also have a few other questions.

1. How long will a soldier have to be MIA before being declared KIA? Are they never declared KIA until a body is found?
2. Can relatives get an MIA soldier declared KIA?
3. If an MIA soldier is found alive, but doesn't return to duty, are they then declared AWOL?
4. How much effort is placed in tracking down AWOL soldiers?
5. Are non-military persons ever declared any of the three?

Those are my questions. :O help plz
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