Pico the Great (olinscarr) wrote in little_details,
Pico the Great

Growth and progression of affection/romance/etc

Basic question: what's it like to fall in love?

The reason I'm asking is that I am asexual, and my characters are most definitely not. I seem rather to have set myself up the bomb by writing said situation, yes, but no regrets, anyhow, and I'm not changing it.

What I need is any help you can give me. I'm looking for physical and mental responses, as well as emotional ones. How does one's mind/body change from its normal thoughts/rhythms? What about awareness? Anything else? I really haven't the faintest, and any help - experiences, observations, links - you could give me would be much appreciated.

Character backgrounds: Hetero couple, the girl is best at "thinking, fighting, and yelling at people," and the guy is of the constant-witticism sort who's very hard to dislike for any amount of time.

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