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Volcanically created land and beach, and scientific magic

I lurked here for a bit and now I'm posting with several questions for my original story.

The setting is this, just in case it has any baring, a world with many nations, and a few other species (no elves, just a dragonfly/insectoid looking race that eats dead things, and a plant race, small, looks like vines around rocks in human shape, grow big nasty things for war). Insect guys are not stereotypically casted, but there are social strati that they don't cross. They interact freely with humans (because they taste good). The plant people keep to themselves mostly, though there are tourists. They have a De-populated zone five miles thick around their countries where no one is allowed to enter without permission.

The major things about the setting is that reincarnation happens to more than 90% of the human population, and people will pick up on their old jobs the next life time (though a quick run through college is usually required). Memories are not full, and usually fully set in as much as they can by 20. There's also a 'magic' system that ONLY allowed for energy manipulation and conversion, and requires metal shapes linked to create the functions. Basically microchips/computers, and they do infact have a few computers based on this. I'm thinking about making the technology level 1950s-ish, with alterations. Reincarnation made sexual irrelevance happen much faster, for instance. And no cars/moters as we know them, or at least minimal ones. The streets are filled with bikers and trolleys. Also wheelchairs and 'Segways' but those are more rare.

Okay, I've googled this, but the problem is Google won't tell me if this is a possible scenario. The island was created by a shield volcano doing a Mt. Saint Helen's imitation and surpassing the original, collapsing down on itself during an eruption. The pressure built up and there was a large explosion, stone, lava and ash flying everywhere. Lava vents were exposed resulting in large lava plateaus. Debris was welded into place, while most fell in the near ocean. Ash was everywhere, coating the Caldera and craters from the explosion in thick layer of it.

I don't have a good grasp of applied numbers. A summery of my inability is this: "How big is a mile, anyways?" And I have reason for stating this

The Volcano was just out of sight of the mainland, so in the fertile ash birds pooped, animals immigrated and died, and eventually, it was a liveable place, save for the large lavaflows. Now then, in the scenario I described is it possible for a nation to live in the hollow area in the middle of the island? How big would it have to be, how big is it? I know that volcano craters can be very fertile beautiful places, and in this situation would it be big enough for...two cities or so, a handful or towns and sprinkling of backwater rednecks? How can I make it bigger if it's not big enough? How large are the lavaflows?

Time frame is this: the formation of the island as it is now happened in time out of mind. Even with reincarnations stretching back more than a thousand years no one remembers, but there are some tribal records of the fire on the horizon, the day turning to night, etc. The place was settled, deliberately with a decent amount of help from what amounts to the leading most powerful nation with a...1800s feel for the tech level. Before that time people were dumped there to die, and most people though it wasn't habitable.

Also, I've seen pictures of tropical islands, and some of them have large beaches. I don't mean long, but I mean how far they extend out into sea/inland. With all the stuff in the water I was thinking that it allowed for the creation of a large white sand beach, followed by the black sand and lava flows. Is it possible and just how big can I realistically extend the beach?

This world will be using Non-Euclidean geometry (Elliptic if it means anything to you) and it's why the 'magic' works. The universe is expanding right now for us, this world is actually existing after the time that the universe reached its limit and is starting to pull back in on itself. The Laws of Science have changed somewhat due to this. And in the story there are theories going around that the universe has already ended and they don't know yet (related to the weird time effects from black holes.) Basically since everything is coming closer together, all lines meet--however it has no use since the miles won't make a dent in the angle for lines that long.

Back to the point. Conductive material, usually metal in a circle, will develop odd characteristics after many many years. It will move itself and form shapes, and in this way create a microchip of a sort, save for it's really a macro chip. There are a few 'programing languages' and you don't need the fluid metal to create a chip if you already know the shapes to use. There are limits to using this magic, mostly by how big the chip is effecting how far away from it the magic works. It can work...well a little like a cell-phone system for real big magic systems. You have the server, the towers, and the cell phone, applying to the big first Chip, and then broadcast towers to increase the range, and ending with the access chip which the individual users would have. Again I'm off topic. I want to keep it fairly sciencey. The magic works by changing one energy form to another. You can lift things (difficult), have lights (easy), throw lightning in several ways (depends on the way), etc. Should there be any sort thing that should not or could not be done? Or things that I might not think of being able to do? I'm not a thermodynamisit.

Uhm, sorry to the mods. I'm fairly new to tagging, and I looked at the list (I assumed that the keywords were tags), but I didn't see anything for geology, magic, or volcanoes. Sorry.
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