A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote in little_details,
A dark storm raging

Watery/airy names

I'm looking for some name suggestions for an air elemental (male) and a water elemental (female). I'd like things that are related to their elements, but not as "obvious" as something like Sky or Marina. Language of origin isn't a concern, and they don't necessarily have to mesh with each other.

I'm also checking baby name sites, but it seems like all of them have the same pool of 65 names, and 40 of those are variations on Caitlin. If you happen to know of any that have a better range, I'd love that information, too.

EDITED: Thanks for all the suggestions. Now I'm planning on going with "Kazewa" and some variation on "Morgan," and I've bookmarked behindthename and Alfabette Zoope for future reference.
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