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Hallo -
I've been reading online about this, but can't find some specific information. I've got the definitions of the types of amnesia recognized by the medical community, and how a person might be afflicted - trauma, injury, etc.

However, what I'm trying to find is being very elusive. I'm giving the character this type of amnesia:
Retrograde amnesia. In some ways, this form of amnesia is the opposite of anterograde amnesia: the victim can recall events that occurred after a trauma, but cannot remember previously familiar information or the events preceding the trauma.

What I can't seem to find is - do victims of amnesia forget tasks? Will they forget how to drive a car, operate a computer, play a guitar? *if they knew how already*. Will they 'forget' things like television or the space shuttle or how what an ATM is?

The case studies i've found are *very* short and general, or filled with a lot of medical jargon. I'd like to read a sort of 'biography' of an amnesiac, to learn what things they could still do/recall and what they couldn't, beyond the description above.

Also, because of the not knowing, are amnesiacs generally fairly calm? Hysterical? Violent or moody?

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you.
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