Teh Dino! (dinogrrl) wrote in little_details,
Teh Dino!

arrow wounds

-Setting is late Medieval-ish, and there is magic in this world, but for the sake of things let's assume there isn't. Medical knowledge (in relation to scientific fact versus old wife's tales) is fairly advanced.
So I have this character who's a knight, and he's shot by an arrow while in battle. It hits him on the right side of his lower abdomen (below the ribcage), and goes in maybe two inches at most. It miraculously does not hit any organs. This knight is then taken captive by the enemy and thrown into prison for four days and is not given any treatment for his wounds. Then he is rescued by his fellow soldiers and taken back to their camp, where he can finally get medical help.
Assuming the arrow wound (or any of his other injuries) doesn't get fatally infected or whatnot, about how long would it take for it to heal? How long before he would be able to sit up and/or ride a horse?
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