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New community for paper journallers.

I thought I'd let this community know about a new community I've joined called embodiment. It is a paper journal project for 2006, and is designed to motivate and inspire members to write something - even if it's just a sentence - every day. Visual entries are encouraged if that's your thing.

You can use the community for writing prompts, or post a scan of your journal when you feel like it. I joined because I am notorious for slacking off after a few weeks and could use the motivation to keep going!

If you're interested in joining, you need to get yourself a journal by Jan. 1. Membership will be closed for one full year on Jan. 1st.

Hopefully this finds some other writerheads who needed inspiration!

click here to join | click here to spectate

the goal
To write in a paper diary/journal every day in
2006, beginning Jan. 1st. Entries may be as short as a word or a sentence, or as
long as several pages. Visual journal entries are also encouraged, including
sketches, collages, or photography. Missing a day is not failure... simply go
back, and add an entry based on memory for that day. Back-tracking is better
than skipping, and it will keep you motivated to continue with the

Because in this digital realm where we
can so easily delete and repeat, concretizing and externalizing in the form of a
paper journal just feels good. If you still want to delete your
thoughts when it's all over, you can have a ritual burning.;)

what should you post in this community?
1. you can post scans of your paper journal entries.
2. you can talk about the
benefits/challenges of the process.
3. tell us what you wrote about on a given day.
4. post prompts or theme ideas. Ex: "today, write a memory involving rain."
5. just chit-chat on the topic of self-narrative, diaries, etc.

(Posted with permission from ladybirdsleeps)
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