The Dystopian (the_dystopian) wrote in little_details,
The Dystopian

American schools. And schoolboys.

I'm writing a story set in (and around) an American high school, and I need to ask some basic questions.

1) How is the year split up? (As in -- holidays, terms, exams, sports events?)
2) It seems that "jocks" are popular. Are there any particular rituals/social customs/modes of behavior that are expected of them?
3) What are some common weekend or holiday activities for a financially well-off American teenager?
4) What is considered a normal social life for the average American student? When would s/he start dating, engaging in sexual behavior etc.? When would the average student's virginity be lost? (Or rather, when would a student expect to lose his/her virginity?)
5) Just how serious would it be for a "jock" to be suddenly exposed as gay?
6) Or anyone else, for that matter?
7) Are the social circles of popular students as exclusive as American TV shows make them out to be? Could someone belonging to one of these circles invite a less popular -- if not downright unpopular -- person into their circle? How successful would such an inclusion be?
8) Do high school students generally wear uniforms, or is it left up to the state/school?

That's all. :) If anyone thinks that there are also other things I should know, please feel free to volunteer information.

Edited to add: I have enough information now, thanks! I really appreciate everyone who's cared to answer my questions.
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