A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote in little_details,
A Guy Named Goo

Mixing Alcohol, Cough Syrup, and Oxycontin

So my Google-fu only tells me what happens if you mix alcohol with cough syrup and oxycontin separately. So I was wondering, anyone here know what kind of short-term effects and long-term effects could happen from mixing alcohol, cough syrup, and oxycontin all at once? The first time, the character had one bottle of beer and one "swallow" (he didn't measure the dose) of cough syrup and one 10mg tablet of oxycontin, and the second time he had a few screwdrivers, another "swallow" of cough syrup, and a 10mg tablet of oxycontin. I get that this would at least make you really, really tired, but it also seems like it would cause some pretty damn serious side effects.

Also, the character is currently suffering from pneumocystis pneumonia (an AIDS-defining illness), but he doesn't know that's the source of his cough, and hasn't been taking HIV medication.
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