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Gunshot wound that'll leave victim serious but stable

Character A is shot by Character B. Ideally, I would like Character A:
- to be able to survive for an hour or two after the incident
- to be able to speak
- to not be in huge amounts of pain
However, for thematic reasons, I want Character A to be able to see that the wound is 'serious' i.e. to feel that he's not going to live very long. I'd rather not have him get shot in the arm or leg for this reason - because he could rationalise that it was going to be okay. I'd like him to get shot in the torso somewhere, but where (if anywhere) would satisfy my criteria above?
I'm not sure whether there's a diagram on the Internet of 'effects of getting shot in different places' (I've tried Googling several different combinations of words and can't find anything ^_^) so any help here would be appreciated.
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