spark_of_chaos (spark_of_chaos) wrote in little_details,

French cultural attache information

Hello :)

I guess that imagination is the thing to get me most into tight spots these days. I tried google, but either I am not doing it right, or this is not the stuff most populer in the Net:

Thing is, I need passably correct-sounding information on the procedures one goes through in order to become the French cultural attache somewhere. Do you need to be French? To have lived in France x years? Will a French citizenship suffice? Can you get the place via helpful connections or the procedures (again, what are they at least approximately?) are tailored to make that impossible? And if you become one, what will you be supposed to do - would it be a busy work? A pleasant one? Would it require much public appearances? Would it keep you at odd hours? Would you have much paperwork (if any)?

I need it for background information for one chief character, and it would be fantastic if someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
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