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Blade dating, using carbon dating?

So, what I have is roughly a two inch piece of steel, with a sharpened edge. It's pretty obvious it's from a blade of some sort.

What I need to know is would they have to destroy/break/use the blade in any way to carbon date it?

I have an antiques dealer who specialises in blades/weaponry especially east Asian stuff. I'm trying to get her the entire piece of the blade, without ruining it in anyway.

Would a mass spectrometer be able to carbon date it? Is carbon dating even feasible? If it isn't, what methods might they use to say "Oh! Look it's not modern it's about '#x' centuries old." This would be the crime lab doing that, before kicking it to the antiquities gal.

Any help? Alternate ideas? Help?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Alright here's what I need:

The CSIs find a two inch piece of a katana --it needs to be at least 14th/15th century. Now, I need a way for them to kick that over to my antique blade expert. I already know what she can look at and give them possible makers/school of the maker.

What I can't figure out --and hence the carbon dating-- is how to get it, realistically, from them to her. So, ideas?
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