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Miltary tactical advantage: preferred numerical superiority?

Hi. [I edited this post at 18:19 Dec 25th to try and make my question clearer]

I'm writing a fic set in the world of the 'StarGate: Atlantis' TV show. For those of you who don't know the show, it's sci-fi, so they fight the aliens on the ground and in spaceships. I have a USAF character who's thinking about how badly outnumbered they are, and how they don't have a technological advantage.

So, I need to know what the perfect numbers would be, in an ideal situation, to give you numerical superiority over an enemy. It doesn't *have* to be real-world realistic - maybe just a theory that an American Air Force officer would be taught in class/training/officer school. Or even just a particularly famous quote that someone military might know. He's really wishing thathe had numerical superiority at this point


Edit: The character is suppposed to be *depressed* at this point in the story, so please don't send me anything hopeful. He's *not* thinking about overcoming the odds, he's thinking about worst-case scenarios.

I'm not looking for quotes about general tactics. I want *facts*, *statistics*, *odds*, and *numbers*.

Thank you!

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