caeliluminar (caeliluminar) wrote in little_details,

About the effects of absinthe

My character, a 19-year-old boy, drinks about a decilitre of absinthe in one gulp (not knowing what it is). Is it believable for him to get drunk enough to lisp and say things he wouldn't say while sober, but still sober enough not to get sick (at least immediately)? It's a bit distilled absinthe, although I don't need to specify how strong. I could just make up a drink, but I'd rather use absinthe if not impractical.

(I've drunk absinthe myself, but that experience didn't help me one bit...)

ETA. Thanks for the answers, I think I need to give my character a little more time to get intoxicated.
---> off to edit the story

ETA2. I've changed the scene drastically enough that I have to design a completely different drink anyway. (Alternate universe, so I'll go with some this world ingredients and some imaginary ones.) I seem to have highly overrated the effects of absinthe because I blissfully forgot that the one time I had it myself, it wasn't exactly the first thing I drank that night... Thank you, now I realize that the absinthe won't work, and that the alcohol takes time to absorb.

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