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The Order of Death?


I'm writing a story based on the myth of Theseus.

At one point, when Theseus was still trying to make a name for himself, he endeds up killing a bandit by tying the man's four limbs between two bent saplings, and then letting the trees snap back upright. According to the myth, this tore the man into different pieces and sent him flying in a few directions.

My question is...how would that actually work? Would he actually get torn apart, or would it just snap his bones? If he did get torn apart, I doubt the death would be instant, because death rarely is...so would he still be able to scream? Would shock set in, or would he die before it could? How long could he conceivably live after that?

Sorry for the macabre subject, but I've been stuck on this scene for two weeks now.

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