Beth Winter (bwinter) wrote in little_details,
Beth Winter

Partridge hunting shooting in England?

I'm at a loss - I want my story to start with a partridge hunt in England, but I'm more than fuzzy on the details. Can anyone tell me how such a hunt would go? In particular, would there be dogs used to scare up the birds and/or fetch them? And would it be feasible for someone with a country estate to organise a partridge hunt for the guests/neighbours in the present day, or am I better off moving the action about a century back in time?

For some reason, I find tons of information about grouse and pheasant, but I need to know whether partridge hunts differ from these two, and Google does not give much information.

EDIT: The British Association for Shooting & Conservation has a lot of the info I needed (it turns out that what I didn't know was that this kind of sport is called shooting, not hunting!), but the question of whether it would be feasible for an estate owner to organise a partridge shoot for his neighbours remains. Also, would it be more likely to be a driven shoot, or a walking/rough one?
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