Pico the Great (olinscarr) wrote in little_details,
Pico the Great

Results of a brawlfight

Fight scene, and a proper grappling-brawling-etiquetteless one at that (biting and choking allowed). My main character got off with a broken nose, a twisted back, a strained knee, and a variety of bruises and scrapes, but she's not the one I'm focussing on at the moment. I need to write a scene with her opponent, a male of 5'8" approx and medium-strongish build (his opponent was the same size and build), who's in good condition before and has access to quick treatment, 17th centuryish (special herbs are a yes, magic is a no).

His injuries include:

- Ear hit twice (affecting inner ear? I'm not sure.)
- Bite on left hand's outer edge
- Scraped throat (by sneaker, has also been kneed in throat)
- Several kicks to the face: hit in eye and nose (nose is broken?)
- Torn lip
- Back-of-head punch (this last one knocks his face into cobblestone and him out).

What I need to know:

1) Healing time/rates for different injuries. He's going to need to converse with an acquaintance, and I need to know when he'll be able enough to do so.

2) Exact effects of said injuries, and, if possible, firsthand experiences? (His viewpoint, and I need to be able to by-the-way these things convincingly.)

3) Treatments recommended? (This last I may perhaps be able to skim past, but it'd be nice, again, to be able to by-the-way some things.)

4) Anything you think I've forgotten? I know his prettyface is no longer going to be a prettyface (his opponent didn't have a prettyface to begin with), I know the combination of torn lip and swollen mouth etc isn't goign to be making for coherent talking, but if there's anything you can add, I'd be most, most appreciative.
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