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roman catholic confessionals and midnight mass

I know this comm always gets fast replies but it would be best to get replies ASAP, as the deadline for this is XMAS. XDD

Okay, I'm writing a yaoi fic (heh) and it takes place during a confessional while Christmas midnight mass is going on. Would there be people there checking the confessionals during the mass to see if anyone wanted to repent? As in, if they were really quiet, would they get caught? The Catholic church I went to only had one confessional and I'm not too familiar with it at all.

Another thing about the midnight masses. When do they usually end, and especially, when is EVERYONE out of the building? Yes, they are going to have sex on the altar. I already know about that, but how long would the Father stay around? If it makes any difference, this is taking place in the 70s, in the USA.

Their plan is to basically hide out in the confessional during the mass and wait until everyone is gone, then have sex on the altar. ♥ I just need to know about the timing so they don't get caught. That would be very, very bad. Especially in this time frame.

Thank you.
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