GuinevereKoopa (guineverekoopa) wrote in little_details,


I have a character who gets a portion of his face ripped to shreds by a falling support beam. Upon the realization that he is bleeding, he will go into shock.

Symptoms include loss of colour, shaking, clammy skin, shallow/staggered breathing. Feel free to add any other that you know of or elaborate on any of the preceeding.

What I really need though are the treatments for shock. My CCT book only covers the symptoms and then says "Treat for shock." ...>_> They should know privates don't know crap. But hey. Whatcha gonna do.

So uh. How do you treat shock? In the field, no hospital facilities available or anything. There is a priest/healer/cleric type person, though, whom I'm assuming would be doing any and all medical treatment in any and all situations.
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