Running With Boltcutters (arwen_lune) wrote in little_details,
Running With Boltcutters

New Jersey shore

I have a story that takes place in New Jersey. A group of people is going to do a beach-side activity. Only I thought of that activity with my own country's shoreline in mind (wide sand beaches, divided from the country by a broad line of dunes) and from what I'm able to tell by tourist info sites and satellite photos the New Jersey shore is different. For one thing, houses seem to line the beach almost everywhere! I can't find a spot without some beach-side town...

- Are there never any flood problems (spring tide?) or is there a difference in height that I didn't see on maps and photos?
- Are there any stretches of beach that are NOT always beset by sunbathers and such? I need an 'empty' stretch of beach for this group to go land-sailing. Obviously that's an activity you can only do on an empty beach..
- From what I can find the tidal difference is only about 1.5 metres, is that about right? Can someone give me an idea of how much beach is exposed at low tide?
- What is the sea itself like? How high are waves on a moderate day? I'd have thought since it's ocean that the seas would be fairly rough, but with lots of photos of pavellions just metres from the waterline and tiny little waves lapping, maybe I just have a completely wrong image...
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