Jessi B. (shadowrider) wrote in little_details,
Jessi B.

Artists: Being famous/running a gallery

First off, this community is wonderful and thanks for all the help!

Ok, I’m really not sure how to Google this one and I’m hoping someone can offer some advice or recommendations.

The setup: I have a character who is a successful artist, living in Los Angeles, California. I need a little help making this more plausible. I want him to have his own gallery and be pretty well known, at least by name, and make decent money selling his work. He paints a variety of subjects, abstract to fantasy to ‘reality’.

The trouble is I’m not sure how exactly this would work. I know if you’re a famous author for example people buy your books and you have a publisher, agent, etc. You have book signings and make appearances. I’m not exactly sure what a famous/semi-famous artist would do or how he would become famous if that makes sense.

To break that jumble into questions:

What would being a successful artist involve? (Would there be name recognition? Would he be well known because someone saw his paintings and he was ‘discovered’?)

What would having a gallery involve? (I’m working with the assumption that it would be a place to house and display his work until it got bought and possibly have art showings for new pieces?)

Any help at all would be appreciated, I’m just kind of glossing over things right now and I think the character is coming off a little unrealistic because of it.
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