michalyn (michalyn) wrote in little_details,

Vintage Camera Models

I've tried looking this up on google and wikipedia but most of the stuff I'm finding is either too cursory or too technical for a layman.

I'm writing a modern-day story in which a character is a photographer. He's quite rich so he doesn't do it professionally but for his personal enjoyment. Still, he's good enough to be a professional.

I want him to be taking black and white photos of someone but with a very distintive model of camera that reflects both his skill and his knowledge of camera history--and which would allow him to take some very striking photos when combined with his own specific film development techniques. What would be a famous, relatively older (20th century)and hard-to-come-by model that would still be usable today-- and what would be its distinctive features?

Also, I was reading about exposure on wikipedia and it focuses on film sensitivity and the fact that manual winding cameras are better for stuff like double-exposure but how would the structure of an older camera model affect exposure and how the pictures actually look? In addition, if I wanted my character's photos to be relatively high contrast (but tastefully so), if he's using his own darkroom, would he leave the negatives longer in the bath, or less time?

Sorry this is so long-winded and thanks in advance!

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