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Free Speech is not simply an Idea.

Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and NYC Parking garages, upscale/downscale neighbourhoods

This really is confirming a few facts.

I need parking garages --multi level ones-- in either upscale or shabby wealthy neighbourhoods in the three cities listed in the subject line:

For Miami, Florida I have the Terremark Centre which, from what I can gather is attached to the SBS Tower.

Now, is this in an upper scale business area right? If it isn't could you give me a name/cross street?

For Vegas, I've got Ameripark, which I am assuming is on the Strip right? And hence is in a high profile area? If not, any garage on, or just off the strip will do.

For New York City, I need something a bit more specific. I need a parking garage near an upscale area with antique dealers. Preferably one near antique/art dealers that is frequented by the uppercrust and the antique dealers themselves.


--Fifty points to the person who figures out my crackfic fandoms.
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