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Question about Gun shot wounds

I don't know if I'm just not looking this up right or not. But I'm trying to find information on the conditions on a very serious level gun shot wound.
This was the set up.
Character gets shot pushing another person out of the way of a gunman. I want the bullet to hit the chest very near the heart. Right against it or next to it would be great. The bullet would be piercing through leather and metal (The metal wasn't thick, so the bullet passed through but between both items and the gunman's own inexperience with such things it didn't go through the whole body. I want the character to live through this. Possibly spending time in a coma if possible but any suggestions on how to find this in Google? I tried chest wounds, treatments for such things and while yes I got information. None of it was in area's that I needed to know about detailed enough. Thanks in advanced the new student of Google-Fu.
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