Teh Dino! (dinogrrl) wrote in little_details,
Teh Dino!

hurt shoulder healing times and such

Okay, so here's tonight's random hypothetical situation:
A guy hurts his shoulder (not important how) to the point where it's dislocated and the muscles/tendons/ligaments and whatever are torn and/or generally messed up to the point where the guy can't use his arm for a while. For fun, let's say this is a world without advanced medical stuffs of any sort, and there's no magic, so the only thing a doctor can really do for him is replace the dislocated shoulder and give him something for the pain. (sorry if this is kinda generalized...)

-Assuming this place has basically the same flora/fauna/whatever as our world, what kind of medicine(s) might this guy take for pain? How much? Let's be crazy and say this guy has like next to zero pain tolerance, so the initial injury would make him feel extremely nauseous.
-How long would it take for an injury like that to heal? Let's assume the guy is smart enough to not use a limb that hurts really badly, so he doesn't aggravate the injury.
-Would it be reasonable to assume that the muscles/ligaments/whatever would be scarred or otherwise weakened by such an injury? So that, say, years later the guy overworks his shoulder, might he experience pain? To what degree? ((I'm assuming he'd get at least the painful-twitchy kind of pain, because I mildly sprained my knee almost ten years ago and it still complains at me if I do certain kinds of motion for extended periods of time.))

That's it for now! Thanks guys, you're all so full of collections of 'useless bits of information that probably will never come in handy except on quiz shows' and that makes me happy. :D
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